First Step To Success: Be Prepared

It’s been an entire week! Today is technically day 8 of my South Beach Diet this time around, and I’m sorry to say that I have been distracted on other things to blog the whole thing! There is a lot that goes into a PDOD (Public Display of Dieting) and much of it is planning. If I was a single young girl- things would probably be a lot different! But I have a huge family and lately it’s been busy.

So as of now, these are my stats:

Starting Weight: 151
Weigh In Week 1: 147

For the first three days I followed the rules. No simple carbs, no fat, high protein lean meats and low glycemic index beans and veggies. Mostly my meals consisted of eggs, chicken, kale and spinach… with water or coffee and a vitamin. Garlic salt is a lifesaver. I didn’t seem to be losing weight yet, but I knew there was the transition period where you are having sugar withdrawals and your energy is like poop. Although poop would be better, at least you know you’re disposing of it. I wasn’t checking my weight morning and night because, I was honestly too pre-occupied with things to do that this time.

The third day was my daughter’s 15th birthday. So I did get some lean steaks and celebrated but I didn’t partake in the strawberry shortcake or other cakes that were brought by family. I tossed some chicken breasts onto the grill and then bagged them up after. Needless to say I had the BEST smoked chicken breasts I almost ever had after that. I guess my charcoals were mesquite!

I will say, the hard part of cooking meals for 8 kids when you are on a diet isn’t limited to your own desire for those foods- it’s really tough to cook anything for someone when you can’t taste it to see if it’s flavor is okay! I’m not into the sip n’ spit thing.

It was on day 4 that I really weighed myself for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised I was 148! I stayed that way for a few days and then on the 6th day I was 147.

I’m fitting into jeans I didn’t fit into a week before. Actually, I’m wearing them now and my booty isn’t hanging out the top half! :P It’s the little things that help encourage you to keep going and results- even small ones- are super!

My husband was on a business trip all weekend and I just didn’t get enough sleep! Here was my week:
Week 1

So, I havent had the carb foods I’ve wanted to make more meals. It’s time to get food!


Oh, Hello Again!

It’s been a while!
I’m back and READY to get some lbs off! My body feels a little worser for the wear this time around after my 8th in 2013. He will be 2 on the 4th of July! I still need to get a checkup and figure out whats going on with my skeletal structure but… a lot has changed since I last checked in with y’all!

First off, we had a baby! HAHA! And we moved! Yep- we now live rural and on a… wait for it…. FARM! We grow and raise our own food!!! It’s been a lot of work and very rewarding. Farm fresh eggs, and chicken, and lamb, and soon pork and beef. Most of our land is for grazing but my husband is preparing some special areas for me to grow veggies and fruits and we planted fruit trees!

This is amazing since we know how fatty our animals are and they taste wonderful (and have a great life beforehand).

My new blonde locks.

My new blonde locks.

Second, Im BLONDE! Yep since November I have been a blondy and it’s been so much fun! So if you see a blonde gal in the videos/pictures don’t be alarmed! It’s still me.

I started back on the SBD yesterday, if you are new to my blog I suggest going to day 1 and checking it out! Ill be tuning in and uploading some new videos.

This morning included yummy fresh chicken breast sauted in a little olive oil with garlic powder, kale and spinach!




Wealthy Healthy

Today while discussing some different proven diet methods in a food allergy forum (so far I have none but I like to contribute) I started thinking about something.

Wealthy people and healthy people- and the link between the two.

Now, I’m not talking about how rich people are in their health, because we all know that health is worth more than money can buy,  but the fact that it feels like ONLY well-off people can buy a healthy lifestyle is down-right depressing.

This was my number one reason for putting my diet on hold.
I could no longer afford to feed the bill for health. Healthy foods were not only more expensive but were also smaller in portions and lacking ingredients that higher-calorie foods had. Whoever said ‘Less is More’ was right on the target.

Society wonders why the lower class have obesity issues- well let’s start at food prices.
If  ‘healthy’ food was affordable, would the income restricted choose them? What if there was a gym that only catered to people with limited income guidelines. It would be attached to a health food grocery store that did the same. How would it change the lives of people so desperately wanting to make a change in their lives, and how quickly would those people not only better themselves through health knowledge, feeling better physically and the examples they set before the people around them- but also in their own financial lives?

  • Maybe they would feel less depressed and more likely to try for that college degree to get a better job, or start a business?
  • Maybe they would gain confidence to dump the abusive boyfriend and find real husband material who would cherish them and encourage them?
  • Maybe they would find the strength to dump the smoking habit or the alcohol and invest that money elsewhere?

Not to say that all income restricted are that way out of choice, but there is a tie between those who have an opportunity  to change but somehow feel strapped or unable to change their lives due to the pressures of income restrictions and an unhealthy lifestyle. In her introduction to her article, Reaching for a Healthier Life, Nancy Adler from the MacArthur Foundation says,

 “Societies are structured like ladders. The rungs of the ladder represent the resources that determine whether people can live a good life – prosperous, healthy, and secure – or a life plagued by difficulties – insufficient income, poor health, and vulnerability. People standing on the top rungs are the best educated, have the most respected jobs, ample savings, and comfortable housing. On the bottom rungs are people who are poorly educated, experience long bouts of unemployment or low wage jobs, have nothing to fall back on in the way of savings, and live in substandard homes. The people in the middle have more resources to rely on than do people at the bottom, but far less than people on the top. In reaching for health, every step up makes a difference. “

So, what can we do to help change this? I certainly do not use our limited resources as an excuse to live an unhealthy lifestyle but I have to say- it is VERY difficult for us to purchase grass fed beef at $6.44 lb.

What do you think about this?

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Phoey Fluey

That’s what I call it.

I have some sort of intestinal flu. I made some healthy lemongrass soup today to try and combat whatever is draining my insides. This really isn’t how I want to lose weight, guys.

So I took it slow today. Without counting what I lost over the past 24 hours, I am still at 140. I figure everything else SHOULD get back to normal within the next few days, hopefully sooner.

Either way Im being good! For breakfast I had rolled oats, a few raisins, and sliced apples with sugarfree maple syrup. For dinner, lean ground turkey on whole wheat with lettuce.
I’m really looking forward to nicer weather so I can go outside for walks. This rainy COLD weather is so hard on me.

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Oh boy, here it comes!

Ok so… this week has been SO BUSY. My washing machine is, indeed, broke. We are also- broke. But… with some research I was able to find that our washer has a warranty on the parts broke- so they are sending us new ones… in 2 weeks.

In the mean time, I am washing clothes OLD SKOOL. And I’m not talking ghetto laundro mat, friends. Im talking BATHTUB. Hey, it’s a workout. But in all the chaos, I havent been able to record my meals this week. I CAN TELL YOU, however, that I am officially 140! That is ELEVEN POUNDS! I have been eating basicly any lean meats I can and any veggies I can because I was getting SO LOW!

Tonight I had Buckwheat Pancakes made from this recipe (instead of wheat) for dinner because There wasnt anything else quick to make. I had a whole wheat tortilla wrap with lettuce and 2 pieces of turkey bacon in it for breakfast, but lunch was a goner due to the fact I was covering a shooting in my neighborhood as a local reporter and missed it.

I DID go shopping though and got a few foods, so I should be ALL SET FOR THIS WEEK! Oh… and here is my accountability shot for the week. :) Enjoy!

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Day 20 Entry

Okay I’ve been really tired today and I think I have a bug. I slept in this morning and just felt icky all day. Hoping to get to the gym tomorrow. But I’m down to 142! It seems to be staying there too. :)
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Day 19 Entry

Things are starting to get back to normal now! Ill hit the gym probably after the weekend since this weekend the car is being used. OH! And my friend made me a video!!! I’ll post it. :D
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Postpartum Workout

Check out this Postpartum Workout Ahmad made for me!


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Day 18 Entry

Im so tired… I have been working non stop… tomorrow it’s over.
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I’m Lovin’ this Diet!

Got a video up! I am going to resolve to doing some of these as direct uploads to Youtube to save me some time! I’ll do the nice production value ones as treats. :D


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