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Days 10-12: Weekends Are Busy

AM Weight: 157 PM Weight: 157 Happy leap year day! Sooooo! It’s hard to write everything daily, in my house. This weekend was a small plateau which I find is probably healthier than losing a lb every day. Between church and catching up on household chores and making meals for everyone and then myself and… Continue reading Days 10-12: Weekends Are Busy

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Self Control

Self control is sitting in a donut shop with 8 little fingers pushing chocolate and powdered confectionaries into their mouths spilling most on you, and you- sipping your fat free sugar free Dutch brother’s 911 – pretending you didn’t have any donuts  because ‘you never really eat donuts anyway’. I am confessing this lie to… Continue reading Self Control

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Substituting Your Staples

Have any of you used MyFitnessPal? I really enjoyed that app for a while! Its a place for you to record your exercise and foods and other things. I struggled entering in EVERYTHING I ate every meal, but at the time they didn’t have everything, still it was a great motivator at a certain time… Continue reading Substituting Your Staples

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Day 9: I feel… different.

Am weight: 159.4 PM weight:  159.8 This morning I took a leftover turkey patty I had grilled (Oh man I have to do a video on that one) chopped it up, and dumped a can of green beans, black beans, chopped tomatoes and some garlic powder, chili powder, coriander, cumin, and onion powder into a… Continue reading Day 9: I feel… different.

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Day 8: Let’s Talk About Poop.

AM Weight: 159.8 PM Weight: 159.8       YAY! I graduated out of the 160’s! WOOHOO! This morning I had to rush out with my younger boys and take my husband to the DMV to renew his license . While we waited for him, we went next door to the restaurant and had some… Continue reading Day 8: Let’s Talk About Poop.

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Day 7: 1 Week Down!

AM Weight: 160.6 PM Weight: 160.0 Yay! I’ve officially lost 6 lbs! Not everyone will lose 6 lbs their first week- some may lose more because I’m not exercising as much as I will be, yet! But I’m on my way. The focus now is to start doing more activity as my body has acclimated… Continue reading Day 7: 1 Week Down!

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Day 6: Ain’t Got No…Appetite…?

AM Weight: 161.8 PM Weight: 161.4 Last night I, for the first time in 7 months, got out with a friend and chatted. Oh it was so awesome! I got home a little late and ended up with some severe pains that lasted into the early morning hours. I have no clue what was going… Continue reading Day 6: Ain’t Got No…Appetite…?

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Day 4: Kids Still Want Your Diet Food

Happy Sunday! Today I’m staying home from church to hang out with my sick daughter so I had a second to write a few thoughts to you. A lot of the meals you eat on the South Beach Diet are probably not the first thing you might choose to eat the way they are made.… Continue reading Day 4: Kids Still Want Your Diet Food