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So I’m sure some of you are wondering, “When is Jyn going to start this epic diet of hers?” Okay so it’s not THAT epic. I really feel humbled against a bunch of you who have already lost 50+ lbs and are still on the road to losing unhealthy weight. I also feel blessed I never have had to go through that.

I think the heaviest I ever weighed was 172 not pregnant. I was 3 months postpartum with my third and had decided to go on the Depo Provera shot which caused me to not only retain my weight but put on more. I was 176 at the peak of that pregnancy. I had tried losing the weight but no matter what I did nothing happened. And then I lost 15 lbs all at once.

Wait a minute…. *takes a pregnancy test* oh, okay THAT’S WHY. Hello Jacob, baby number 4! After Jacob I was introduced to the South Beach Diet and that was my first diet ever.


So back to when to start. I have been spending the past week thinking a lot about this. I have also been sick and I’m still a little rumbly in my vocal cords from whatever Im fighting off. I thought it was best NOT to beat myself up while I was down yet. I am also waiting on food.

“RULE of HEALTHY DIETING #1): Do not start a diet if you are not prepared to make a diet change.”

We are running tight right now on a healthy food budget fund. So every dollar counts. Unfortunately in this world of fast food, feeding a family of 9 can be done for $25 at Taco Bell. Sometimes that is cheaper than having a well balanced home cooked dinner (and more convenient). But getting all the low fat, fat free, sugar free and high protein foods I need cost extra $$$ that dont tend to be on our shopping list. Hopefully this will change next week. 🙂


Another thing I was thinking about was my caffeine issue. I am honestly shocked at just how many people are not necessarily supportive of my quitting coffee! I get a lot of, “Why are you quitting coffee? I drink coffee because it has *insert some beneficial property here* and it’s good for you!” Okay, so I will not dispute the benefits coffee has. However when your sole purpose in life in the morning is to guzzle a cup o’ Joe because your head is screwed on backwards from your addiction, I think it’s time to take a break, don’t you? This is not to say that I will NEVER EVER EVER have a cup of coffee or a soda with caffeine or black tea again, I just need to find out why I have to substitute my own energy with that of a cup of heavenly dark liquid instead, and fix that first. I have heard some great personal stories of caffeine quitting with positive outcomes.
I did want to give credit to my friend Catherine who (as I was writing this very post) asked me how it was going and how proud she was of me. What a great friend! She gets some kudos for that one!


The past few times I went to the gym, I felt like a strawberry in a bowl of peas. I literally walked up to the gigantic towers of tread at the gym, stared at the screens and pushed a whole bunch of buttons until it was rather obvious nothing was happening. I then proceeded to go to the next one over and do the same thing- with the same result. The whole time there were a dozen huffing pounding workees behind me probably snickering at my incompetence.

Yeah, I think I’m going to schedule that trainer free walk through they have. The big question is when they have time. They are pretty booked! I also need to get a combination lock since the parking lot outside has been getting a series of breakins, apparently. Maybe my Mommy-Missile 92′ Landcruiser with the 7 kiddos sticker on back will deter them?

I did do a little mini workout with my girls the other day while we were trying to figure out Capoeira from some online examples. It was fun (and I am broken) but none of us warmed up since it was all off the cuff and extremely awkward to albeit fun. I am getting old, though. I need to warm up my muscles on this stuff. Never again will I do an impromptu cartwheel and flop into 3 days of future back knotted hell.


So, yes I weighed myself. I have not posted it yet because I really want to include it into my videos first (can’t give away ALL the goodies you know!) I am going to have to get a new home scale because I am finding it tedious to get any good shots of my weight in the gym bathroom. Especially since the scale is directly under the “ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED” sign. I will probably break this rule but.. I do respect why it is in place and I promise not to take pictures of other people or their weight or make fun of anyone else who is trying to lose weight. That’s not nice.
The only people I will make fun of are those who think they are bigger and better than me and treat other people badly (so be sure and know, if you are rude and it’s by me- I WILL blog it).

I promise I will get another vlog up soon. 🙂 Until then, cheers friends and thank you for your support!

-Jyn (Postpartum Loser)


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