Deep Thoughts

The Little girl Lost…

My mom recently posted some footage of me as a little girl and I had to cover my eyes and blush. I was a total geek and every goal in my life was driven by my fantasy-world of Barbie dolls.

“Say, “hi” to your future husband, Jennie!” 
My mom called out to me.
“Hiiii Ken!” I replied.

But in watching the video I also realized how much of myself I had lost. I had a tough childhood and, in a way, I was my own best friend for a long time. Sometime after hitting puberty I lost that energy I had earlier so much of that I had to be put on medicine. My new self was sort of made into a new energy… that wasn’t physical. Socially I was very awkward, so I steered clear of any sports and headed towards music, which I loved.
Seeing the images of me when I was 9 inspires me to keep in touch with that lost little girl of my past.


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