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We’re going SHOPPING!

So I get to start my diet officially on Monday! I’m so excited! I am getting my food list together right now so that I can have what I need!  I am going to be starting in Phase II of the South Beach diet for my meals. Mostly because I am still nursing and although I will be giving nutrients to my son, anything lacking will be sucked from my body. I also don’t want to be putting out lactic acid into my milk by overworking out, so I am going to be starting out slow on all accounts.
On Phase 2 I should be losing about 2+ lbs per week. 12 weeks to lose 24 lbs. That means by mid April I should be well on my way to my  goal weight!

Although the South Beach Diet has an official website, there is a membership fee involved to actually access the functions. Since I do not have a money tree in my yard (yet) I like to use who has all the same info on beginning and maintaining the diet as well as help forums.

Here is my shopping list:

Grocery List:

  • Turkey and Canadian bacon
  • Sugar free Jell-O
  • Lettuce & Salad gear
  • Veggies from my list
  • Chicken breasts and fish
  • Nuts (for snacks)
  • Low fat string cheese & shredded cheese
  • Part-skim ricotta cheese Splenda or other sugar substitute

I have skinless chicken breast and some other beans and legumes already. For those of you who are not pregnant or nursing, you can start on Phase I of the diet (don’t worry it’s only 2 weeks long) and then move to Phase II until you reach your healthy weight.

I will be posting a list of the foods that I will be eating and my daily weigh in and meals as well as my workout routines. 😀 -Jyn


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