Daily Logs

Day 9 Entry

Wow. Okay so I stepped it up a notch today. 2 Days of Ahmad’s cardio vid had been working out my sides (lats) and the machines just tore into those muscles. I can FEEL the separate muscles I really worked out! So my calves hurt, my sides, my shoulders, my arms- I cannot lift my arms over my head without wincing, haha! Tomorrow is going to suck.
Scratch that- GOING TO BED is going to suck because I nurse my son almost every couple of hours now that he’s going through this growth spurt. Since practically my whole body hurts, I have no clue what Im going to do tomorrow for a workout.
But… I am down 5 lbs!!!!
I ate a lot of what I ate yesterday. The mock Makhani is SUPER good.

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