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Oh boy, here it comes!

Ok so… this week has been SO BUSY. My washing machine is, indeed, broke. We are also- broke. But… with some research I was able to find that our washer has a warranty on the parts broke- so they are sending us new ones… in 2 weeks.

In the mean time, I am washing clothes OLD SKOOL. And I’m not talking ghetto laundro mat, friends. Im talking BATHTUB. Hey, it’s a workout. But in all the chaos, I havent been able to record my meals this week. I CAN TELL YOU, however, that I am officially 140! That is ELEVEN POUNDS! I have been eating basicly any lean meats I can and any veggies I can because I was getting SO LOW!

Tonight I had Buckwheat Pancakes made from this recipe (instead of wheat) for dinner because There wasnt anything else quick to make. I had a whole wheat tortilla wrap with lettuce and 2 pieces of turkey bacon in it for breakfast, but lunch was a goner due to the fact I was covering a shooting in my neighborhood as a local reporter and missed it.

I DID go shopping though and got a few foods, so I should be ALL SET FOR THIS WEEK! Oh… and here is my accountability shot for the week. 🙂 Enjoy!


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