Oh, Hello Again!

It’s been a while!
I’m back and READY to get some lbs off! My body feels a little worser for the wear this time around after my 8th in 2013. He will be 2 on the 4th of July! I still need to get a checkup and figure out whats going on with my skeletal structure but… a lot has changed since I last checked in with y’all!

First off, we had a baby! HAHA! And we moved! Yep- we now live rural and on a… wait for it…. FARM! We grow and raise our own food!!! It’s been a lot of work and very rewarding. Farm fresh eggs, and chicken, and lamb, and soon pork and beef. Most of our land is for grazing but my husband is preparing some special areas for me to grow veggies and fruits and we planted fruit trees!

This is amazing since we know how fatty our animals are and they taste wonderful (and have a great life beforehand).

My new blonde locks.
My new blonde locks.

Second, Im BLONDE! Yep since November I have been a blondy and it’s been so much fun! So if you see a blonde gal in the videos/pictures don’t be alarmed! It’s still me.

I started back on the SBD yesterday, if you are new to my blog I suggest going to day 1 and checking it out! Ill be tuning in and uploading some new videos.

This morning included yummy fresh chicken breast sauted in a little olive oil with garlic powder, kale and spinach!



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