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First Step To Success: Be Prepared

It’s been an entire week! Today is technically day 8 of my South Beach Diet this time around, and I’m sorry to say that I have been distracted on other things to blog the whole thing! There is a lot that goes into a PDOD (Public Display of Dieting) and much of it is planning. If I was a single young girl- things would probably be a lot different! But I have a huge family and lately it’s been busy.

So as of now, these are my stats:

Starting Weight: 151
Weigh In Week 1: 147

For the first three days I followed the rules. No simple carbs, no fat, high protein lean meats and low glycemic index beans and veggies. Mostly my meals consisted of eggs, chicken, kale and spinach… with water or coffee and a vitamin. Garlic salt is a lifesaver. I didn’t seem to be losing weight yet, but I knew there was the transition period where you are having sugar withdrawals and your energy is like poop. Although poop would be better, at least you know you’re disposing of it. I wasn’t checking my weight morning and night because, I was honestly too pre-occupied with things to do that this time.

The third day was my daughter’s 15th birthday. So I did get some lean steaks and celebrated but I didn’t partake in the strawberry shortcake or other cakes that were brought by family. I tossed some chicken breasts onto the grill and then bagged them up after. Needless to say I had the BEST smoked chicken breasts I almost ever had after that. I guess my charcoals were mesquite!

I will say, the hard part of cooking meals for 8 kids when you are on a diet isn’t limited to your own desire for those foods- it’s really tough to cook anything for someone when you can’t taste it to see if it’s flavor is okay! I’m not into the sip n’ spit thing.

It was on day 4 that I really weighed myself for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised I was 148! I stayed that way for a few days and then on the 6th day I was 147.

I’m fitting into jeans I didn’t fit into a week before. Actually, I’m wearing them now and my booty isn’t hanging out the top half! 😛 It’s the little things that help encourage you to keep going and results- even small ones- are super!

My husband was on a business trip all weekend and I just didn’t get enough sleep! Here was my week:
Week 1

So, I havent had the carb foods I’ve wanted to make more meals. It’s time to get food!


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