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Day 1-3: Finally!

Starting Diet weight: 165 lbs
End of Day 3: 161lbs

So this is my first entry for this diet season. Don’t let the title throw you off! In my open letter I explained I didnt blog anything until now, so this is where I start.

Mostly, I have been eating any low fat protein items and available veggies I have available. If I had any advice for anyone starting this diet, it would be these things:

  • Before you start, pre-make a few meals. You will NOT feel like cooking so much! Having ready to heat up or eat food will help your demeanor.
  • You will be eating mostly wet foods. Most dry foods have higher carbohydrates, so the amount of things you can eat in Phase I on the SBD that are dry are very few and far in between. Anything dry will mostly be nuts, maybe some dried edamame which are limited and go towards your daily nuts/seeds allowance, Kale chips, or jerky if you can find any without corn sugar or make it yourself. About it- but this is just 2 weeks. You can do it! Be creative. You could even make some meringue treats. Again, only a little.
  • Pre-portion much of your ingredients to save time. Things like mushrooms, onion, garlic, meats, etc. are easier to throw a meal together when you aren’t spending so much hungry time preparing it.
  • Have lots of different spices and sugar-free/fatfree flavorings available. Don’t like a certain food? That may change! You may start to enjoy more spicier things! Or things that used to taste weird might be very enjoyable when you aren’t taking in sugary things. Having different flavors helps a lot of the drudgery of taking out the starch and fruit part of your diet briefly!

Last night I didnt feel like cooking. I cooked a different meal for my family and then just had a cheese stick and went to bed because I was THAT tired. I had a migraine from a stiff neck so I knew I would be starving in the morning.

I got up and weighed myself. WOOHOO! I was down to 161! This is huge for me even though I know it’s mostly water, because it means things are starting to move! Yesterday my weight was 165! Up from 163 the day before! I was feeling afraid that something was terribly wrong and that my weight would continue quickly to go up and I would be forced to go to the hospital because- that is not right!
I had some lean steak available for a meal but when I got up this morning my eggs were all the way in the garage and I was tired and famished. So I just decided on a beef soup.

Beef and Broccoli Soup


1/4 cup of chopped onion
1 1/2 tbsp Olive oil
Garlic Salt powder
Coriander powder1 Tbsp. Chopped fresh Garlic
1 Cup Fresh Chopped Brocoli
Sliced Raw lean steak
Beef base (make sure sugar free low fat)

Heat up 1/2 tbsp olive oil in a pan on Medium heat, and add garlic and onion. Saute until onions start to turn clear and then add steak slices. Add desirable amount of garlic salt.
Transfer to your bowl and then add washed chopped broccoli to the pan and cook until tender. Add to your beef bowl. Add beef base and water to the pan and continue to cook until simmering adding coriander powder and more garlic salt.
Pour over meat and veggies and enjoy.

I had this with a cup of coffee with almond/coconut milk (unsweetened vanilla) added and a splenda hazelnut flavored syrup. I felt full and it was tasty!

For snack I had a few peanuts and a lowfat string cheese.

For dinner I am having talapia with some chopped hazeluts, onion, garlic, with a little added white wine for flavor. We’re talking like a Tblspoon if not a little more. Wine is not allowed as a beverage on the Phase I of the SBD, but I haven’t found out their general stance on minimally cooking with it for 1 meal. Still the meal is incredible and I might just post the recipe in case you all want to live on the DARK SIDE (like me) and make it.



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