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Day 4: Meals & Weight Checkin

AM weight: 161.8
PM weight: 161.7

Breakfast: I showed you my meal from breakfast in my earlier post. The funny thing was- I actually didn’t get to finish most of it! Okay let me rephrase that- after taking the pictures and uploading, I lost my appetite completely. I tried picking at some of it but for some reason I felt full. I’m noticing my ability to eat larger portions is reducing. Less does more for me, full-wise.

For snack I made some chocolate bites meringues out of egg whites and coacoa powder but that was a flop. I put too much salt in it, so I’m going to NOT share that one until I fix it!
Had a few peanuts.

Lunch: In laws came over so I was too preoccupied to cook for myself. My husband had the kids so they had eaten on the way home from church. Kind of skipped this meal. Towards the end of their visit I couldn’t wait anymore so I started cooking.

Dinner: Talapia with sauteed cauliflower

Snack: low-fat Cheese stick




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