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Day 5: Getting Creative

AM Weight: 161.8
PM Weight: 161.4

So many things to do!

I am working on my SBD food list pages, so please bare with me there. I figured it would help other people out more if they had the food lists and allowances CONVENIENT!

But I am also trying to create some more creative recipes to make this first phase a little more exciting. I can put up with a lot but I know there are a lot of people who are just pickier than I am.

Yesterday I tried my hand at some meringues. Usually I’m a great cook but man- these things were salty. Actually, my husband tried them and compared them to malt balls haha! I had very little chocolate powder so I’m still going to call them a flop for now.

This morning I made myself a nice array of eatables.


Grilled asparagus and onion, 2 pieces of turkey bacon and mushrooms grilled with garlic powder and scrambled eggs over lightly sauteed spinach with some roasted chipotle powder on top! VERY good!

I also had an idea for a snack from yesterday’s flub.

I took about 5 egg whites and added chopped green onion, 2 dollops of ricotta, 1 tsp onion powder and some garlic salt with Cream of Tartar and 1 tsp splenda (although you could keep that out). Beat this all up and spread thin on parchment paper in a 200 degree oven in chip-shapes and cook for 20-35 min. If they are soft coming out they will be soft. If you leave them in longer they will be crispy.


They came out light, crispy the size of a cookie and a lot like sour cream and onion! There are so many things we can do to this, people. We could add any flavorings- make a BBQ version or add chives next time. You could add some other kind of cheese to make them cheesy.

These aren’t to gorge out on- although if you do its mostly ricotta and egg whites. But the point is to not need to snack on salty things all the time, right?

These would be great with some hummus!


You could also make a tortilla out of this! Instead of garlic salt just add the onion maybe and a little salt and use it to wrap lettuce and other goodies in. Just don’t cook until crispy. It will be almost bread-like.

Ohhh the amount of things I can do with this!!! Did this give you any  ideas? Share with me!

For dinner I went out with a friend! I had a hummus appetizer with some pickled onion slices hummus and veggies and had a beef steak salad with goat cheese.





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