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Day 6: Ain’t Got No…Appetite…?

AM Weight: 161.8
PM Weight: 161.4


Last night I, for the first time in 7 months, got out with a friend and chatted. Oh it was so awesome! I got home a little late and ended up with some severe pains that lasted into the early morning hours. I have no clue what was going on but it was horrible. Let’s just called them ‘UFI’- Unfortunate Female Issues.
I had gone out to eat last night, and I had things leftover so I used them in my breakfast  meal.
Breakfast was a feta omelet with spinach, onion, and tomato with coffee. That is 1 egg there- one of our own chicken eggs! Later on I’ll show you the difference between fresh free-range chicken eggs and store bought. Store bought here are uncaged but, they are still inside a commercial building- so they aren’t getting a lot of things that make my eggs so dark.

Unfortunately the rest of my day has been meh. I have been taking vitamin C, Vitamin B, Iron and a multivitamin because I’m low on Iron and other things. But those things take time to metabolize in your system and my energy level was still so low from little sleep.
I pretty much snacked today but not on very much.

Actually… my appetite was just low. I have been very good at cravings now, and although I would love the yummy sugary things- it hasn’t been so strong that I cant hold myself back. I made some homemade ice cream and magic shell for my daughter whom I promised it to. It’s a very simple recipe without a icecream maker and it’s just condensed milk and cream and vanilla. Beat it up good and then pour into a large container cover and put in freezer  for about 6 hours. Its simple vanilla.
The magic shell is made of chocolate and coconut oil. I used dark chocolate I melted sugar in for her and then added the coconut oil. It hardens into a shell. A-n-n-n-yway- I wouldn’t want to contribute to those cravings so Ill shut up. 😛

For Lunch I had some red pepper hummus and some of my onion chip things. I had about 3 chips and then maybe a total of 4 tbsp of the hummus and felt full.

I went out to the barnyard with my husband to watch the integration of some of our animals in with the rest of our animals. We have had quite the maternity ward going on with 1 ewes and their lambs stuck in paddocks as well as our miniature donkey Jennet and her foal. My husband let them out with my Jack… and we had to watch them all.


For dinner I had .. meh.. a snack. I made beef stroganoff for the family and I just was too tired to make myself a meal so I had a cheese stick and some peanuts. I felt fine after that.
I have been drinking Lipton powdered lemon sugar free tea throughout the day where I water it down… so I’m getting water.

My hope is to be buying some new veggies for next week’s menus!



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