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Day 7: 1 Week Down!

AM Weight: 160.6
PM Weight: 160.0

Yay! I’ve officially lost 6 lbs! Not everyone will lose 6 lbs their first week- some may lose more because I’m not exercising as much as I will be, yet! But I’m on my way. The focus now is to start doing more activity as my body has acclimated to my new nutritional intake, and even though  my weight loss may slow down- it should be a steady slow, and that’s what we want. We don’t want to go on a crash diet and push our bodies into emergency mode where it feels the need to turn EVERYTHING into fat! And since most of those 5 lbs is water, I need to keep taking in lots of fluids and push past that burning my energy stores.

Breakfast & Lunch: Eggs, lots of veggies, and some fat free yogurt with a squeeze of lemon, vanilla and splenda (yay for some probiotics!).



Had to take a quick picture, it was a lot tastier than it probably looks haha! But I piled on the veggies today since I felt I needed more fiber. I’ll talk about that tomorrow. The probiotics was welcome too- with a tangy citrus flavor, anything fruity is so nice!
So this is a huge plate. I ate maybe half that, minus the yogurt and ended up finishing the rest for lunch. I’m definitely noticing a reduction in the amount of food I can take in at a time.

This is the yogurt brand I use:


I can make my own,  and I have in the past but with a household of 10 making more dishes isn’t on my priority list at the moment.

For dinner I just really wasnt hungry. I made enchiladas, rice and veggies for the family and I went and ate a handful of peanuts and was great. So weird. Haha!



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