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Day 9: I feel… different.

Am weight: 159.4
PM weight:  159.8


This morning I took a leftover turkey patty I had grilled (Oh man I have to do a video on that one) chopped it up, and dumped a can of green beans, black beans, chopped tomatoes and some garlic powder, chili powder, coriander, cumin, and onion powder into a bowl and just threw it into the microwave for breakfast. Now- this makes probably 3 meals if not 4 if you have a reduced appetite by now, like me.

Seriously good.
But one thing I noticed is that I really feel different. I honestly feel like I’m not so moody or depressed. With us women, it could be anything- hormones are funny that way, but I definitely feel like I have a little more oomph with less lows. I have been suffering from a migraine since yesterday that wont go away.

Today I had to drive my daughter an hour into town to figure out what has given her a sore throat for 3 weeks. Its been awful and she has missed almost a week of school this week. We were hungry so I stopped off at Wendy’s.
People. They have fantastic salads. My favorite.

I chose the Asian chicken salad and skipped the dressing. I literally just ate it with my hands as I drove.

Wendy’s Asian chicken salad (picture from their site)

It had some chopped red pepper but that was okay. Its not on my diet list yet, but it was a small price to pay for a starving mama. The edamame was soft and really yummy with the cashews.

I was full for the rest of the night!

Thankfully, my daughter’s tests came back negative for Mono (yeah we knew this still, phew on that one!) and its just a nasty virus that will not go away. Thankfully we still have our sense of humor.



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