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What Makes An Egg


I was talking earlier about the benefits of living on a farm and our hens just started laying again this last week after taking a break over the winter. Phase I of the South Beach diet has a lot of emphasis on protein, and the poster animal of protein is no other than our wonderful chickens! Between their meat and their eggs the protein from these girls is hard to beat.
Our chickens sleep in a coop at night but every morning we let them out to range our 12 acre farm. They get bugs, seeds, grass, pebbles all sorts of things around our area, and it shows in their eggs!

Left: Free-range chicken egg | Right: Commercial chicken egg

One of our eggs are on the left above the plate and the store bought Willamette egg is on the right. Notice my egg has a little dirt on it, and that’s because our chickens get dirty. Its late winter/early spring and everything is mud right now. We don’t need to wash that off because it’s not so much that it’s going to impede the sanitary state of the egg, plus the chicken’s natural fauna and flora we call the ‘bloom’ coat the egg keeping it fresher! That is why we don’t need to refrigerate them for 1-2 weeks! We usually use them by that point, though. If the egg got some poop  on it or gobs of mud we do a little washing.

Commercial Eggs

Locally, the best eggs to get that you can buy at the store for a decent price is Willamette Egg farms. Just because they do things on a larger scale doesn’t mean they’re a bad operation- and really, they treat their chickens well. They actually probably have less issues with their chickens than we do because of the type of care and environment the chickens are in. Our chickens are everywhere, capable of getting into everything,  being hurt or picking up diseases from other wild birds or thorns in their feet and even pooping on each other.
Commercial operations like Willamette Egg have an area where the birds are secluded and fed an exact diet. They’re a family owned operation and they are committed to he best interest of their animals even though they do it on a larger scale.

Here is more on their Egg farm:


But what is better?

Really, eggs are eggs but the sheer variety our chickens have you just cant beat. But not everyone can have chickens.
The difference shows in the yolk, as our eggs have higher iron. Some of them are brown eggs, but the color of the egg has nothing to do with the quality of the egg itself.

Backyard chickens who are foraging in the sun are able to make Vitamin D and that comes through in the eggs. Farm eggs have also shown to be lower in cholesterol, however egg cholesterol is good so one shouldn’t worry about it unless their doctor is. There is less saturated fat in farm eggs, larger amounts of Vitamin A and E, more beta carotene as well as omega-3fatty acids! Many times I wish everyone had access to this gem.


On the left is our egg, on the right the store bought. As you can see our egg is darker on the left and firmer.
Still they both are great for lots and lots of protein!

If you can afford to find someone locally with eggs to share off their farm, try it!


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