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Days 10-12: Weekends Are Busy

AM Weight: 157
PM Weight: 157

Happy leap year day! Sooooo! It’s hard to write everything daily, in my house. This weekend was a small plateau which I find is probably healthier than losing a lb every day. Between church and catching up on household chores and making meals for everyone and then myself and getting groceries, I mostly just snacked.

I ate a variety of things this weekend including a beef salad from Shari’s restaurant, minus the candied nuts, grilled chicken, Black bean brownies that I made the last time I had dieted, and Hummus with veggies. Mostly Ive been eating hummus with veggies because I was running out of other veggies as carbs.

I really cannot eat as much as I was a week and a half ago, anymore.

And now I’m going to expect my weight is probably not going to go down much  over the next week because… it’s that time of month, folks. And let’s face it- we are just bloatier and retain more water at that point.

And you know what? Im perfectly fine with that, because our goal is not to see how much water we can lose and drain from our bodies to hit that marker but to get healthy and do some fat storage spring cleaning!

It’s still tough for me to step on that scale and feel passive-aggressive about my progress. Yay Im going going up Im going down! Boooo, I’m heavier than when I started my LAST diet still! And I feel like this fat burning is so stinky!

Which brings me to another topic. Cleansing. I’ve really been thinking about this lately! It seems like it would be a great thing to start off Phase II which is right on our heels, given that we can finally have some of those complex carbohydrates with some fruits and grains!

We’re almost there!

lazy Abbie Umaru Style comic color
©Abbie Meyer Illustration

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