Hi, my name is Jyn and I want to get healthy.

No… really. I have spent the past 12 1/2 years pregnant or nursing and I’m ready to get in shape and find out what it’s like to be normal again! Normal… as in not pregnant and going through major physical changes beyond my control at any given moment.

So I am going to quit coffee- my lifeline to the world at the moment, start working out and building muscle, and go on a low carb low fat diet to help retrain my taste buds and wean them off of sugar and fat again.

My goal is only 25 lbs, but 25 lbs feels like 125 lbs when you have it to lose!

I’m going to keep a daily log of my AM and PM weight, my food, and my exercise routine. I hope to encourage and motivate other people who have lots of obstacles in front of them (as I have) to get out there and just get it done.

“…but you have seven kids…”

I hate unreasonable excuses.

When we make them they are self defeating and we realize it eventually. But when others make them why do we validate them as truth?

I have a goal to lose 25 lbs. People look at me, make a funny noise and slap me on the back saying, “Bah! But you have seven kids! You look GREAAAAAAAT!” I’m sure I look great for 7 kids, but in all reality I AM 25 lbs over where I should be. My personality makes up for that outwardly. Did I mention people think I’m taller, too? Most people would place me at 5’6″ even though I’m 5’2″.
I really don’t appreciate people making me feel like Im anorexic for wanting to lose 25 lbs, but I smile and say, “Aw, thanks!” but I really need to do this.

It’s even worse now that I’m postpartum. I can’t even talk about my goal of being healthier without having someone jump on me, “But you just had a baby!!!” People are very quick to make excuses for me. What this does, however, is prevents a good motivational support group from forming around me. I am blessed to look much younger than I am, so they are quick to excuse my goals as unreasonable or unwarranted.

So I am realizing that this time around, I’m basicly on my own… and I’m a little okay with that. Really, it’s kind of quiet here, in my own, personalized, goal making world and the only pressure I have is my own longing for clothes that fit, and an increase in energy. I am not being unrealistic with my weight loss goals. The fact I am nursing exclusively puts a big filter on what I’m allowed to do so I am already expecting this is going to be slow going. My body is also not in very good shape and my postpartum recovery has been slow. So for now, it’s baby steps. 🙂 I have done the South Beach Diet in the past after I was done nursing postpartum and had great results. I tried the 2nd stage of the SBD last year while I was still nursing my toddler and did not have such great results. I figure that the mear fact of nursing means my body is absolutely going to hold onto an extra 10lbs. I can live with this.  -Jyn


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  1. Wow, sounds like you have been busy. My mom has had 10 kids but I think that she must of had great genes because not only does she look younger and has no wrinkles she also is in great shape. She is actually a little too thin (which could just be the running around she had to do up until this point) she’s always been a stay at home mom and her hands have been full. I am assuming it’s the same for you?! However I think that you will do just fine and I will cheer you on.

    1. Maybe your mom visited me in my dream last night… I dreamt that I met a gal who home schooled her 10 kids (I home school 2) and had a similar set up to my system. 😀 And thank you for the support!

  2. It’s nice to see a fellow SB’er. I think it’s one of the best healthy eating plans around (notice I didn’t call it a ‘diet’). I’ve somewhat fallen off the wagon again but trying to get back on it. For some reason I’m having trouble but I’m working on it. I’m only 5′ and when I did SB a couple of years ago, I was at 178lbs. Got down to about 150 and hit a plateau…then it started creeping up again and now I’m hovering around the 160 mark…don’t want to keep going up. Thanks for following and I’ve listed you on my blog under ‘other foodie blogs’. 🙂

    1. Thank you! It can seem awfully daunting sometimes to really hang in there after the initial “honeymoon” stage is over and even hitting that plateau. I know this definitely from experience. It’s a very strange thing to try and wrap my brain around- me… fit… with muscles? HEALTHY? Oh man.. and *yearning* exercise? Is it POSSIBLE?! I have a friend who was heavier than I who turned herself around and became a body builder! An AMAZING transformation! Now, she hasn’t had 7 kids but- she had one and any amount of effort towards physical change is going to be tough- no matter what! I know you can do it! I would love to interview you sometime also for ideas on recipes and encouragement! I find the best way to pull myself out of a “Poor-Me” state of mind is to encourage others. Hang in there Terri!!!

  3. I say go for it Jyn!! You got this!! I know what it is like to have people make excuses for you. I ran a 1/2 marathon when my second son was six months old. I trained with a double jogger and never heard the end of it from people. Well, I ran that 1/2 marathon and again the next year. I lost a good 30 pounds and weigh less and am a smaller size now than I have ever been. I don’t diet but I really try to only eat things that add nutritional value to my diet. I run a lot and that keeps me lean but I have found that Zumba took the inches off. I spend a lot of time learning and researching how to eat and workout to stay healthy. I have also noticed that eating for nutrition has helped me avoid getting sick. I also suffer from chronic migraines – no fun 😦 but exercise, diet and sleep (ha ha sleep – whats that? right?) have helped. I also went on a preventive medicine for my headaches and that has changed my quality of life a lot. Anyway – you have my full support. I think this is awesome and I look forward to following your blog and Vlog.

  4. You go girl! We have four kiddos {and we’re officially done}…but being pregnant and breastfeeding for the past 5 1/2 years has definitely take a toll on my body! I’m right there with you, I’m ready to get my body back!
    Much luck to you!

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