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Self Control

Self control is sitting in a donut shop with 8 little fingers pushing chocolate and powdered confectionaries into their mouths spilling most on you, and you- sipping your fat free sugar free Dutch brother’s 911 – pretending you didn’t have any donuts  because ‘you never really eat donuts anyway’. I am confessing this lie to… Continue reading Self Control

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Substituting Your Staples

Have any of you used MyFitnessPal? I really enjoyed that app for a while! Its a place for you to record your exercise and foods and other things. I struggled entering in EVERYTHING I ate every meal, but at the time they didn’t have everything, still it was a great motivator at a certain time… Continue reading Substituting Your Staples

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2016: Letter From PostpartumLoser

Good morning! I have a confession to make. I  have secretly been holding something back from you guys. Yep. But I’m going to come out and tell you. I started back on the Low Carb Low fat diet. Directly, the South Beach Diet (because in 13 years it has never not worked for me). I… Continue reading 2016: Letter From PostpartumLoser

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Making the Best

I wanted to take a moment and introduce my friend Ahmad Baari. I’ve been following him for a few years and I have loved every single one of his videos. They work for the beginner and for those who are trying to push themselves farther! They apply to every day life and for those on the go. I can’t speak more highly of this man- his attitude and demeanor is nothing but professional and kind and he HELPS people!

In some of his tutorial videos he explains where your heart rate should be,  what you should be focusing on and even dietary changes that would support and benefit you. In others he is doing the exercise himself, not just standing there talking. He physically shows you how you would do it and he is in very good condition.

Here are a few of the things I found written recently on his Facebook Page:

Great class tonight homie!! Looking forward to another mañana! 🙂 –Christina Balseiro

Love it! This is amazing, Ahmad! And you seem to make all the moves so perfectly and smoothly! I can imagine you have your own ideals and there are things that you know you can do better, but, to me, this is really inspiring and an ideal that I strive for and dream to achieve, one day! 🙂 The best of luck and we’ll be here to keep you motivated, just the way you’ve been keeping us! 🙂 –João Bruno Soeiro
 I think about how far i have come, and how much further i have to go. I’m blessed to be part of this team Ahmad . Thanks for doing what you do. Stop it A, Don’t say your trying. Because your actually doing it. –Jeremey Wright

This is just the tip of the iceberg! So if you are looking at finding workouts that work for you, go to his website and download his ebooks! They are literally just a few dollars and what he gives you is useable ASAP! Or contact him! He’s reachable for you! He’s not untouchable… and he wont down trod you or demean you.

Here is a sample of his stuff:

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1.30.12 Diet Day!

Today is the day, guys! I got my good foods, I have my date set, and now I am going to start recording EVERYTHING I am doing so that you know you can do it too! My friend mentioned recently how a farmer doesnt plant corn and expect tomatoes, and rightly so! I am planting the start of my new road to health and you get to join me!