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Day 4: Kids Still Want Your Diet Food

Happy Sunday! Today I’m staying home from church to hang out with my sick daughter so I had a second to write a few thoughts to you.
A lot of the meals you eat on the South Beach Diet are probably not the first thing you might choose to eat the way they are made. They take preparation and innovation and even though they taste AWESOME right now when you are really hungry- many of you would agree the butter sugar and starches and carbs would make them amazing! Still, many are very good if done right!

This is Phase I. We’re in boot camp, people! Our palate has become accustom to so many things that we eat regularly and need to eat in moderation instead- we have to re-train our tastebuds. By now, if you are following along with the diet or done it, you will realize that many things don’t taste as ‘strange’ anymore. Really, a lot of foods are acceptable when you are limited,  haha!

Another thing- your kids will STEAL YOUR DIET FOOD! Seriously. My kids continuously snag my Cheese sticks, or ask for my sugarfree pudding or drink my tea or eat my turkey bacon! If I made it for them, they probably wouldn’t touch most of it- but just because it’s special means they want it!

But…don’t you want to go eat your SUPER YUMMY bread or cereal or have oatmeal or something I would LOVE TO BE HAVING RIGHT NOW instead????
*blank stare*

Nope,  they want yours. Expect it. One benefit is that your coffee wont taste so yummy and sugary anymore, so I dont have to worry about them stealing that! My 2 yr old learned his lesson this morning. He normally steals a sip of my coffee because its creamy sugary. Haha! This morning was the yuck face!

Day 4 Breakfast

This morning I made eggs, spinach, and mushrooms with a couple of turkey bacon and coffee. I lost half my bacon to my youngest but I still felt full. I could have added other veggies but right now I have mostly kale and broccoli and cauliflower for sauteing and I don’t process them very well on a regular basis because I had my gall bladder removed.

You should not be hungry, friends.

Having an appetite and feeling hungry are two different things! We can be full and still yearn for food that we would like to enjoy, and that will get easier as we go, but you should not feel like you didn’t eat enough.
You also shouldn’t be counting calories (unless they are the sugarfree sweets because those calories matter) and instead figuring the types of food you are putting on your plate.

Your protein amounts are unlimited! You can have 3 eggs or 12 eggs if you need that. Just make sure you are adding your vegetables and having some carbs with your proteins. Don’t limit yourself to beef, chicken, fish, eggs, with fat free cheese and peanuts now and then. If you do not get carbs you wont be feeding your body correctly! You will feel tired and continue having cravings. You also might not lose weight like you would like to see.

So don’t skip your vegetables!

I know I talked a little about my thyroid concerns. I promise, I am working on finding a doctor! But I took a very quick picture today so you guys can see what I’m talking about.


Hypothyroid concerns

Women do not have Adam’s apples- or that bulge in the middle of the neck. My bulge concerned the doctors back when I was pregnant with my 8th but my tests shows I was borderline. So this bulge mid neckline there is where your thyroid is.

By no means do I feel like it’s huge, but I am concerned its larger than it should be.

So there it is! I’ll be checking in with you later on the rest of my meals. 🙂 Have a good day!



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